What is the best way to prepare for the UiPath Certifications?

What is the best way to prepare for the UiPath Certifications?

By today, when we stand and turn back your career path, then we should answer these following questions. They are,
  • What are the different domains which we have worked?
  • What is our career growth?
  • What are the achievements which we made in our career?
  • Whether we feel happy with our current position?
  • Whether we feel happy with our current salary?
The world of tomorrow will throttle towards new era of the hyper-automation. In respective or irrespective to your domain, whether we may be in technical / non-technical. We will be soon experience all the use of the automation in our subjects. May be some of us may already have feel the highly routine, repetitive, & manual activities. All these gets automated across various industries. Before many years, when the computers are introduced in the market, many people have a fear. They might be losing their jobs. Specially because of these computers. But peoples easily adapted to these working methods with the computers. But today, computer play a major role and it is mandatory for all job. In the same way, tomorrow, the automation will be mandatory requirement. Once you find the answers for the above questions from our past experience, then we should be ready. Especially, to adopt us for the automation. It is a mandatory requirement for us to face the upcoming future. Whether we are from technical / non-technical carrier background, RPA is the best technology which all can learn & understand easily.

The Best Real Time Example:

I am a candidate who is from the technical background. I have completed my professional degree in the specialized engineering. Also, I start my career as a Software Engineering for a BI domain. I employed as a BI Engineer. But before two years I jump to RPA. Then my life changes. I started to feel that this is a right job for me instead of performing my routine tasks. I feel I am performing something which is more exciting & innovative. Also, I feel so satisfied. Then my career also completely changes in RPA. Now I feel it is my dream job which I am waiting for.

What is the change made this?

My biggest strength is I have a UiPath Developers Certification. From the day when I received this certificate, I found many new path with various potential as well as more significant openings for me. My best friend asked me once, “You are coming from a BI domain. Then were you get this qualification to get some RPA openings?” For this question I answered, Yes, even I’m from very different domain. But from the day one when I start to learn UiPath, I started to practice a lot. For each and every topic I use to keep on practicing. Finally, I found some simple solutions for building automation. Also, I use community forum of UiPath for applying whatever I learned from various problems which others face. Also, I try to solve it. These practices, help me to start a career at RP.

What is mean by UiPath Certifications?

It is not like other certification. When we participate in UiPath certification training program, it helps us to join in global community which is powered by RPA professionals. They are highly qualified. It encourages, mentors, motivates, & direct all community members. Specially towards very high in our career. This UiPath certifications is the best way to get highest achievements. With the help of this certificate we can easily obtain a greatest height in RPA world. Also, this certificate includes 2 different streams which we can be able to select which depends on our background.

UiPaths Certified RPA Associates:

This exam is preferred if we want to start our career path in the RPA field. Also, if we are from non-technical domain. Just for examples, if we are juniors RPA developers, architect of any technology, college student, then this Associate certification training program suits us the most. This Associate examination will cost around $150.

Uipaths Certified Advance RPA Developers:

This certification training program is the best for everyone who is in RPA industries for long period. If we are from technical background? Or if we have experience in UiPath platform? Then this certification training program provides more value for our profiles. Best example is if we are sr. RPA developers, RPA solutions architect. Then it is the best course of certification for choosing from 2. This Advanced RPA Developers certification exam will cost around $200.

Why you should become UiPath certified experts?

As I explained above which is based on the real time experience, we obtain this certification. It will boost up our careers in various ways. Also, we will enjoy few benefits. Following are some of them. They are,
  • This will add more credibility status for our profile
  • It provides us with high self-confidence while facing the challenges related to automation
  • It helps us to build more attractive profile among our networks
  • In case already if we are in RPA, certification provides us the best chances to get into our dream position.
  • It increases our efficiency as well as job satisfaction
  • It has greater exposure for latest technologies. Specially in rapid growing industry

How will you prepare for your certification?

Now what comes in our mind whenever we discuss about our exams as well as courses? “The Best Academy.” For UiPath, I strongly suggest Hope Tutors. They will be your best friend for getting help and to pass this certification exam. Hope Tutors consists of various courses which we can select to start from the basic level. Also during this progress of courses, we need to refer the community forum of the UiPath for any query which arise. This community forum is the best platform for understanding what kind of the problems we face. Also, all types of the projects we are working and we can be able to try for applying our knowledge for getting some experience just by helping others for solving the problems.

What will you receive for this certification just by answering the questions?

Learning is just a part in the process. For practicing as well as applying whatever we have learned, we required to put this into the action. Just give this a try, & we start seeing the areas what we need for improving. This is what I tried & I learned more from the UiPath forum. Don’t rush. Better take your own time. Then go towards all the possible and required courses for this certification which we are trying to gain. Always we can refer to UiPath Certifications Platform for getting more and more information for this. Also, what is the best courses which we want to follow. This should be truly based on our certification program. For the initial step, always we must know about what we go for next step and before we step in it. We should refer for this exam details, & get clear understanding about what we can be able to expect during this exam. Also, how we want to prepare for this certification. This exam will contain 60 questions which are multiple-choice. Also, we must get minimum score of 70% to get passed. For this Associate exam, we will have totally 90 mins for completing, and for the advanced certification, we will have totally 120 mins. It is multiple choices of questions. But it is not easy. We must need more practice for achieving passing scores as we will test based on various criteria, like our experience, the ability for solving different problems, & knowledge we gained from our Hope Tutors. We need to keep practicing & apps of what we learn is what we make it stronger. Once we have finished all the needed training programs, we need to sign up ourselves for the practice exam for testing our knowledge & get feel like battleground. Once we complete all practice exams, I strongly suggest to have a look on the questions which we answered wrong. This is essential step for our certification journey. We need to check the wrong items; we need to the get back to our Hope Tutors for the related suggestions. Also, we need to explore in community forum, tutorials, & videos if we still feel we required to know more & apply knowledge we gained on practical examples for testing what we learned. It helps us remember whatever we learned, & for getting practical experience. Once we get ready, we need to retake practice exams & repeat it as we did it in our 1st try until we reach 90 marks minimum or above. Another important point for remembering here is we have high mark in practice exams and it doesn’t matter which we can be easily pass this certification examination. We need to keep on practicing sessions, revise, & keep exploring all detail in the topics required for the certification. Some small detail which we are ignoring mostly matters a lot. We need to keep few things in our mind. This certification is proctored exam. So, we are not able to revise our notes and many sample workflows at the time of the exam. Mainly on exam day, we need to spend 2 hours & revisit the courses which we covered, and we need to do final preparation. Exam schedule platform will allow us for scheduling the exam at exam centre or in right place of our choices. I will like to suggest the best suitable finding & comfortable place. Sometimes, in the exam centres, it may be nervous. In that time, we need to find the best convenient place for us and get ourselves prepared. Specially on exam day, we need to prepare our environment based on guidelines. This is before scheduled time, & joining to exam session. We should be there before half an hour of the scheduled timing. We should get enough time for doing initial configurations in exam portal & get ready for our exam in time. Also, it helps us to set our mind in exam mode & allow ourselves to calm down & keep focus. Don’t rush at last minute because it may disrupt our mind. So, join us early, then settle down, and keep your focus. The proctor on the other side will guide you through setting up this environment & finally move us to exam platform.

During this certification exam

If we come across the questions which we think we need for spending more time. This is to find correct answers. Then mark the items to later review which we did in practice exam. Then continue with next questions. My simple suggestions are don’t take lot of time for one question since there is only limited timing. We need to spend equally to score good in this exam. Once we have answered the questions. On the basis of remaining timing, just revisit all the questions we marked for the reviews, and then spend some quality time trying for finding suitable answer. Another important thing is we should answer all questions specially before times runs out!
March 12, 2021
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