The Excel Automations in UiPath

The Excel Automations in UiPath

About the Microsoft Excel:

Following are few unsurpassed champions which are very much efficient than its already. They are,
  • Storing
  • Organizing
  • Data Manipulation
UiPath provides various ways to automate the Excel. Specially with the help of the Excel Apps Activities Scope as well as the Workbook activities. Excel Apps Scope activities as well as Workbook activities were pre-installed whenever we start new project.

The Excel Apps Scope:

This is the best way we can be able to automate the Excel just by having each and every activity. Specially in Excel Apps scope container. Also, these activities can be automated when the Excel app is not at all installed in our machine just by disabling the Visible checkboxes. Mainly the primary needed input parameter required in the Excel Apps Scope is the only file path which is included the name of the file which we using. This integration pack of apps covers more as well as we can be able to perform huge range of the operations which includes reading the cells, writing in the cells, getting colors of the cells for creating the pivot tables, executing macros, filtering the DataTables, etc., Each and every excel activities we needed is inside excel Apps Scope container. It will not include the excepted Closed Workbooks.     We can be able to find the extensive documentation of each and every activity in UiPath Apps Integrations supported documentations.

Working with the Add-ins:

To load add-ins with the Excel Apps Scope is well known issues which we are facing right now. Also, UiPath will try to develop the solutions for it. At the same time, alternative fixes for using the Excel add-ins are for using the Open Apps or Start Process. Then verify this by using the Element Exists when Excel files has opened successfully. We need to use the excel Apps scope once the file has opened successfully. Also, this is the best way that the add-ins will successfully loaded & also we can be able to use the Excel Activities.

The Workbook Activities:

These activities are grouped under the Workbook which we can implement even when the Microsoft Excels are not at all installed in machine. These workbook activities don’t require any of the container. Even though these Workbook activities were limited when compared to the Excel Apps Scope activities. Also, we can be able to perform the varieties of the basic operations of Excel with the help of the Workbook activities.   Extensive documentations for such activities will be find in Systems sections of the guide documentations support for UiPath Activities.  

The Best Practices when using the Excel Activities:

  • We must use the “Kill Process” & kills any of the pending activities of the Excel which may not completely closed.
  • We should validate the excel versions in Development environment which is same as in the Production environment.
  • We should use the Dynamic Selectors when using the send Hotkey / Type Into / Click activities.
  • We should use the Type Into / Send Hotkey activities instead of just clicking the activities and then selecting any of the function from the ribbon menu. Best example: We should use the Send Hotkey and ‘Alt +HW’ for using the ‘Wrap Text’. This is instead of just using the Click activities. Then Click the Home and then Click the Wrap Text.
  • We can use instead of the data filtering in the Excel, we can be able to read data as the DataTables & make use of the Filter the Data Table for filtering the rows as well as columns.


  • The .xls files can’t be worked in the Excel activities.
  • For applying the formulas in the Excel we required for using the Excel apps.
“The Excel –Either you may Love it nor hate it still but you want it.”
March 12, 2021
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