What is AWS ? An Introduction to AWS

Before moving to the Introduction to what is AWS, learn what is Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a term described in keeping and interacting with data on the internet. It doesn’t save any data on the hard disk drive of your PC. In cloud computing,, you can gain access to data from a remote control server.

What is AWS?

Amazon web service is just a system that provides flexible, dependable, scalable, easy-to-use and cost-effective cloud computing solutions.

AWS is a complete, easy to use computing platform offered Amazon. The platform is created with a combination of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings.

Heritage of AWS
2002- AWS services introduced
2006- Released its cloud products
2012- Supports first customer event
2015- Discloses the revenue achievement of $4.6 billion
2016- Overtaken $10 billion revenue target
2016- Discharge snowball and snowmobile
2019- Presents nearly 100 cloud services


Brief Introduction about AWS Services


Amazon Web Services presents an extensive range of business purpose of global cloud-based products. The products consist of storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, development tools, enterprise applications, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

AWS Compute Services

Here, are Cloud Compute Services provided by Amazon:

EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) – EC2 is known as a virtual machine inside the cloud on which you have got OS level control. You can easily run this cloud server anytime you want.
LightSail -This cloud computing tool instantly deploys and handles the computer, storage, and networking capabilities needed to run your applications.
Elastic Beanstalk -  The tool provides automated deployment and provisioning of assets like a highly scalable production website.
EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) - The tool enables you to Kubernetes on Amazon cloud environment without installation.
AWS Lambda - This AWS service allow you to run functions in the cloud. The tool is a great cost saver for you as you to pay only when your functions execute.


Migration services utilized to switch data physically involving the datacenter and AWS.

DMS (Database Migration Service) -DMS service is usually utilized to move on-site databases to AWS. It assists you to move from one type of database to another – for example, Oracle to MySQL.
SMS (Server Migration Service) - SMS migration services permits you to move on-site servers to AWS easily and quickly.
Snowball - Snowball is a compact application which enables you to pass on terabytes of data inside and outside of AWS environment.


Amazon Glacier– Glacier was, in fact, an extremely low-cost storage service. It provides secure and fast storage for data archiving and backup.
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)- It supplies block-level storage space to work with Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes are network-attached and stay unbiased from the life of an instance.
AWS Storage Gateway– This AWS service is binding on-premises software applications with cloud-based storage. It provides secure integration between the company’s on-premises and AWS’s storage infrastructure.

Security Services

IAM (Identity and Access Management) -  IAM is actually a protected cloud security service which usually helps you to manage users, assign policies, form groups to manage multiple users.
Inspector - it is actually an agent which usually you can install on your virtual machines, which reports any security vulnerabilities.
Certificate Manager - The service provides free SSL certificates for your domains which can be managed by Route53.
WAF (Web Application Firewall) - WAF security service provides application-level protection and enables you to block SQL injection and can help you to block cross-site scripting attacks.
Cloud Directory - This service allows you to create flexible, cloud-native directories for managing hierarchies of data along multiple dimensions.
KMS (Key Management Service) - It is a managed service. This security service assists you to create and control the encryption keys which usually allows you to encrypt your data.
Organizations - You can produce groups of AWS accounts employing this service to manages security and automation settings.
Shield - Shield is maintained DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service protection service). It offers shields against web applications running on AWS.
Macie - It provides a data visibility security service which helps classify and protect your sensitive critical content.
Guard Duty -It provides threat detection to protect your AWS accounts and workloads.

Database Services

Amazon RDS– This kind of Database AWS service is going to be easy to set up, operate, and then scale a relational database in the cloud.
Amazon DynamoDB– It is a fast, completely managed NoSQL database service. It is a simple and easy service which allow cost-effective storage and retrieval of data. It additionally allows you to serve any level of request traffic.
Amazon ElastiCache– It is a web service which usually makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale an in-memory cache in the cloud.
Neptune- It is a fast, reliable and scalable graph database service.
Amazon RedShift - It is Amazon’s data warehousing solution which usually you can use to perform complex OLAP queries.


Athena - This kind of analytics service enables perm SQL queries on your own S3 bucket to find files.
CloudSearch - You ought to use this AWS service to produce a fully managed search engine for your website.
ElasticSearch - It is comparable to CloudSearch. On the other hand, it offers even more features like application monitoring.
Kinesis - This AWS analytics service assists you to stream and examining real-time data at massive scale.
QuickSight -It is a business analytics tool. It assists you to produce visualizations in a dashboard for data in Amazon Web Services. For example, S3, DynamoDB, etc.
EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) -This AWS analytics service primarily used for big data processing like Spark, Splunk, Hadoop, etc.
Data Pipeline - Allows you to turn data from one place to another. For example from DynamoDB to S3.

Management Services

CloudWatch - Cloud watch assists you to monitor AWS environments like EC2, RDS instances, and CPU utilization. It equally triggers alarms that is dependent on various metrics.
CloudFormation - It is a way of resorting infrastructure into the cloud. You are able to use templates for offering a whole production environment in minutes.
CloudTrail - It provides an easy method of auditing AWS resources. It assists you to log all changes.
OpsWorks - The service permits you to automated Chef/Puppet deployments on AWS environment.
Config - This AWS service tracks your environment. The tool delivers alerts about adjustments when you break specifically defined configurations.
Service Catalog - This service assists large corporations to authorize which providers user will be used and which won’t.
AWS Auto Scaling - The service enables you to immediately scale your resources up and down based on granted CloudWatch metrics.
Systems Manager - This AWS service will allow you to group your resources. It allows you to recognize issues and act on them.
Managed Services-It gives management of your AWS infrastructure which allows you to focus on your applications.

Internet of Things

IoT Core– It is just a managed cloud AWS service. The service enables connected devices  like cars, light bulbs, sensor grids, to safely socialize with cloud applications and other devices.
IoT Device Management - It enables you to control your IoT devices at any scale.
IoT Analytics - This AWS IOT service is usually helpful to carry out an evaluation on data collected by your IoT devices.
Amazon FreeRTOS - This real-time operating system for microcontrollers assists you to connect IoT devices in the local server or into the cloud.

Application Services

Step Functions - It is just a way of imagining what’s going inside the application and what diverse microservices it is using.
SWF (Simple Workflow Service) - The service allows you to organize both automated tasks and human-led tasks.
SNS (Simple Notification Service) - You can make use of this service to send you notifications in the form of email and SMS based on given AWS services.
SQS (Simple Queue Service) - Use this AWS service to decouple your applications. It is a pull-based service.
Elastic Transcoder - This AWS service tool assists you to changes a video’s format and quality to support various devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops of different resolutions.

Deployment and Management

AWS CloudTrail: The services file AWS API calls and send out backlog files to you.
Amazon CloudWatch: The tools keep an eye on AWS resources like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS DB Instances. It equally allows you to check on custom metrics created by user’s applications and services.
AWS CloudHSM: This AWS service helps you meet corporate, regulatory, and contractual, compliance requirements for preserving data security by using the Hardware Security Module(HSM) appliances inside the AWS environment.


Developer Tools

CodeStar - Codestar is cloud-based support for creating, managing, and working with numerous software development projects on AWS.
CodeCommit -  It is AWS’s version control service which usually allows you to save your code and other assets privately in the cloud.
CodeBuild - This Amazon developer service support you to simplifies the process of building and compiling your code.
CodeDeploy - It is a way of implementing your code in EC2 situations automatically.
CodePipeline - It assists you to create a deployment pipeline like testing, building, testing, authentication, deployment on development and production environments.
Cloud9 -It is an Integrated Development Environment for writing, running, and debugging code in the cloud.

Mobile Services

Mobile Hub -  Enables you to add, configure and design highlights for mobile apps.
Cognito - Allows users to register using his or her social identity.
Device Farm - Device farm allows you to improve the quality of apps by promptly testing hundreds of mobile devices.
AWS AppSync -It is a fully handled GraphQL service that provides real-time data synchronization and offline programming features.

Business Productivity

Alexa for Business - It enables your corporation with voice, using Alexa. It will aid you to build custom voice skills for your business.
Chime - Is often used for online meeting and video conferencing.
WorkDocs - Allows saving documents in the cloud
WorkMail - Permits you to send and receive business emails.


Desktop & App Streaming

WorkSpaces - Workspace is a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). It permits you to use remote desktops in the cloud.
AppStream - A way of buffering desktop applications to your users in the web browser. For example, using MS Word in Google Chrome.


Artificial Intelligence

Lex - Lex tool assists you to build chatbots quickly.
Polly -  It is AWS’s text-to-speech service makes it easy to create audio versions of your notes.
Recognition  - It is AWS’s face recognition service. This AWS service assists you to recognize faces and object in images and videos.
SageMaker - Sagemaker permits you to build, train, and deploy machine learning models at any scale.
Transcribe -  It is AWS’s speech-to-text service that provides high-quality and affordable transcriptions.
Translate - It is a very similar tool to Google Translate which enables you to translate text in one language to another.


AR & VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality)


Sumerian - Sumerian is actually a set of tool for providing high-quality virtual reality (VR) experiences on the web. The service enables you to produce interactive 3D scenes and distribute it as a website for users to access.

Customer Engagement

Amazon Connect - Amazon Connect enables you to produce your customer care center in the cloud.
Pinpoint - Pinpoint assists you to appreciate your users and engage with them.
SES (Simple Email Service) - Assists you to send bulk emails to your clients at a relatively cost-effective price.

Game Development

Gameloft– It is a service which is maintained by AWS. You can use this service to host dedicated game servers. It enables you to scale seamlessly not having to take your game offline.

Guidelines of AWS

  • You will need to style for failure, but nothing will fail.
  • It is critical to decouple all your elements before using AWS solutions.
  • You should keep dynamic data nearer to compute and static nearer to the user.
  • It is critical to know the security and functionality tradeoffs.
  • Pay for computing capability by the hourly payment technique.
  • Make a habit of a one-period payment for every instance you wish to reserve and to get a significant price cut on the hourly charge.


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