What you need to know about Angular 2

Welcome All. In this blog, we are going to learn about what is Angular, where they using in Real time, and currently the Most trending Framework in the Market. Come, Let’s dive into the blog.

Have you Ever Wondered about Angular ?

Angular or Angular 2  is the frontend web Application  framework, it was written in Typescript. Actually it’s rewritten by the same team who developed AngularJS, and is mainly maintained by Google and his community of individuals and corporations. AngularJS was developed by “Misko Hevery” in 2009. Later they make that to a open source Applications. Google released the first public version of Angular 2 in 14/sep/2016.  Mostly famous for to build a Single Page Application[SPA] for example Gmail page and don’t forget to visit a angular website. Google promised to release two updated version of Angular per year.

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What is Angular 2 ?

Usually a JavaScript framework is to develop Applications. we can create web and mobile based applications. Angular 2 is not simply called as a JS framework, it is called as a platform because we can able to build browser based, mobile based, and even Server based Applications. The main goals of Angular 2 is,

  • To Create a productive Single page Applications
  • Easily we can run anywhere when JS gets executed
  • It’s comes with latest JS standards Support
  • Web components support  

What are the languages used to develop Angular 2 Apps ?

EcmaScript 5(ES5)

ES5 also known as a Classic Javascript, If you are used to develop Angular 2 apps by using ES5 it can supports all the browser.

ES2015 (ES6) 

The beauty of ES6 is, It’s got More features added to the javascript Frameworks itself. But the main problem is not supported by all browsers. To resolve this problem we have to compile ES6 to ES5.

TypeScript : [Most used Language in Angular]

It’s from Microsoft, But it based on Javascript language. Also it’s Known by a Superset of ES6. Got More features than ES2015. Again No browser is supported for Typescript. So, that we need Transpilation.


Dart, which is from Google. It is not a Javascript language, but you can still use to develop Angular 2 Applications. However, dart doesn’t support to browsers, So we need Transpilation.

Why Angular 2 ?

The performance of Angular 2 is Five times faster compared to AngularJs or Angular 1. We able to create Applications for Mobile and Desktop devices. Angular 2 is a component based development.It also has a more language choices like, I mentioned above. Angular 2 itself, has built using TypeScript.

You might be Confused about the Angular versions right !…

AngularJS or Angular 1 – Released on 20/Oct/2010

Angular or Angular 2 – Released on 14/sep/2016

Angular 4 – Released on 23/Mar/2017

Angular 5 – Released on 23/Mar/2017

Nowadays Angular 2 is the base for Angular 4 and 5. You Don’t need to learn AngularJS or   

Angular 1.There is a much differences between Angular 1 and 2.

If you are Planning to learn Angular, Obviously you can start with Angular 2.

Which one is the best JS Frameworks in Current Market ?

Here, I would Suggest you for the Top 5 Frameworks, But in My point of view currently the Trending one is Always “Angular”.

  • Angular
  • ReactJS
  • Meteor.JS
  • NodeJS
  • EmberJS and etc…

Below shows the Job trendings for Angular.

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Angular 2 !..Who are all can Learn ?

Anyone who Passionate about to create web, mobile applications. Fresher’s, Web designers, IT professionals who want switch their career path with High salaries.

Skills required :

Basic Knowledge in, HTML, CSS and also a JavaScript.

Angular 2 Training at Hope Tutors :

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We are happy to serve you.

February 4, 2020
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